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Docomomo [Edição 01]

Image as producer and product of modern architecture in Brazil: the photographs of Mario Fontenelle and Marcel Gautherot in the magazines brasília and Módulo

Maria Beatriz Cappello, Susanne Bauer


This paper aims to analyze the photographic images presented in the magazines brasilia and Módulo, both established in the 1950s, during the construction of Brasilia, to justify and announce this modern city as the new capital. These magazines promoted a new way of life and assembled important documentation of the modern architecture in Brazil. The photographic documents published by these magazines reveal the image of modern construction as a strong vehicle for spreading the production of the modern image. The representation of modern architecture was created through the photographic image that accompanied the modern discourse. Two photographers who documented this process, Marcel Gautherot and Mario Fontenelle created photographs of symbolic value. The modern image is a mixture of photography and architecture, since both disciplines need and benefit of each other. Photography needs architecture to become a medium of representation, and architecture needs photography to sell a modern way of life. Thus, the examples of these two photographers make visible how the initial documentation process was first used as an advertising image, then becoming a work of art, and finally a symbol of the modern movement.

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